A little background & how we got started!

Caleb and I were engaged in September of 2015. He wanted to get married right away (by right away I mean no later than Christmas), and I wanted to take time to plan our wedding, so the venue, decor, dress, etc were what I had always envisioned on our wedding day! We finally agreed on August 27th, 2016. (He definitely compromised more than I did!) However, little did we know by Christmas time, both my sisters, Hannah and Elisabeth, would also be engaged and throw us for a twist in the wedding planning that we never saw coming! With no one willing to wait until 2017 to exchange their "I do's," the next question was "how are we going to plan three weddings in one year?!" My sisters and I have always shared an extremely close relationship with one another, and when my dad half jokingly mentioned the idea of sharing our wedding day, the idea stuck! It didn't take long for any of us to fall in love with the idea, and start planning for what we had named "The Triple Wedding." We started looking at local venues, and with limited availability for over 250 guests, we decided on September 2nd, 2016 at Hayloft on the Arch. (Pushing our original date only back a week) Hannah, Elisabeth, and I all share very similar taste; we wanted our wedding decor to be soft and elegant, and like every bride does, we looked to Pinterest for inspiration. For our reception, we kept being drawn to decor that used wooden farm tables. I wanted to bring the wooden farm tables that I seen all over Pinterest in my wedding inspiration board to reality. Caleb has worked in carpentry for over ten years, sooo with very little convincing he agreed to design and build 20 wooden farmhouse tables and 40 benches for our guests to use at the ceremonies and reception at The Triple Wedding! Word quickly spread to our family and friends, and before our wedding, we had future brides who had booked them for their upcoming weddings!